Creek Road Paints Staff Help With Redecorating BeauChapeau

Niagara Advance * Thursday, May 16, 2013

Kevin and Jana Neufeld opened Beau Chapeau Hat Shop on NOTL's main street 16 years ago. They've been at their current location, 42 Queen, since 2005, and last year completed a major redecoration. Kevin spoke about his design inspiration... "We moved into this space in 2005 after Irish Design moved to their new location down the street. At the time we did a very quick reno to just get into the space and get open. We used our existing colour scheme of taupes, white trims, and copper accents. The woodwork was rustic Early American stain and rough cut, and we had quite a bit of exposed brick. "We'd been planning this redecoration for several years, and as I've been travelling, reading and shopping, I've been taking note of areas in our visual presentation where we've missed the mark. "People like to linger in our store, trying on hats, playing dress-up and... click to read the whole story

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