About Us

Nestled in the historic village of Niagara-on-the-Lake, BeauChapeau captures the romantic essence of the days of the Great Gatsby. BeauChapeau will take you away from the noise of your everyday. Here you’ll find your hat, the hat you’ve been waiting for.

With over 6000 hats in stock at any given moment you’re sure to find the perfect one – if not…”We’ll eat our hat”!

Our Story

BeauChapeau Hat Shop - Niagara on the Lake, ONBeauChapeau Hat Shop first opened its doors on May 1st, 1997 at 126 Queen St. in the little town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. Since that time, it has been our desire to delight our customers with a wide selection of hats and accessories, along with outstanding service to match.

In 2006, after several years of feeling very cramped in our small space at 126 Queen St., a move became necessary to accommodate our ever expanding selection. On April 1st of 2006 we opened our doors at 42 Queen Street, BeauChapeau Hat Shop’s current location and the prior home of Irish Design.

In keeping with our desire to be more than just a hat shopBeauChapeau doesn’t just carry hats; we offer shoppers a wide array of designer labels, high quality private label hats and bags, as well as umbrellas, gloves and scarves, and a number of other hat related accessories. Inspired by the 1920s and 30s, the selection reflects the elegance and stature of the past, all while accentuating the fashions of today.

It is not enough to just sell a great product and provide excellent service. We want to make the shopping experience an event, something that customers eagerly look forward to. BeauChapeau Hat Shop transports you back to a simpler time when music came from a Victrola, a gentleman removed his hat in the presence of a lady, and so on. Simply try on a hat and become the lady of the manor or perhaps pretend to be Indiana Jones. No matter where your imagination wanders, one thing is for sure – you will always leave with a smile on your face whether you make a purchase or not. That’s what it’s all about here, having fun – We welcome you to BeauChapeau Hat Shop, and we’re excited to have you as our guest.

OUR MISSION: We aim to provide a premium product with superior service and selection. Our desire is to delight customers and employees alike and to enable customers to make a fashion statement while also expressing their inner spirit. We at BeauChapeau Hat Shop wish to enjoy the process of “Hatting the World”…