How to Pack a Hat

How to Pack a Hat

Some of the most frequently asked questions in our shop are “Which kind of hat should I take on vacation?”, “Is it packable?” and “How can I fix my hat after it has been crushed in my suitcase?”. Although the easy solution is to simply wear your hat as you travel to your destination, wearing a wide brimmed straw hat while boarding a plane in the middle of winter isn't always practical.

Which kind of hat should I take on vacation?  Your destination and activities will help you determine the right hat to take with you. Whether you're bathing on Bondi Beach, going on an African Safari or hiking the Swiss Alps – the elements will determine the practicality of your hat. For sun protection we offer a number of hats with UPF ratings over 50, however most hats that are made of solid fabric or a tightly woven straw are ideal for the beach. An easy way to determine how much shade your hat will give you is to look through the hat into a light to see how permeable the material is. The more dim the light, the better the protection.

Is this hat packable? The good news is that every hat is packable as long as you know how – and that's what our friendly and knowledgeable hatters are here for! Sure, some hats may be more resilient to travel than others, but there are steps you can take to easily pack your hat without taking up too much space in your luggage.

Watch the video above on how to pack your hat. Note that the "Stuff It" suggestion is most recommended for hats that are not easily crushable. Click to shop our Wallaroo hats.

How can I fix my hat after it has been packed in my suitcase? Like clothing, your hat may not come out of your suitcase looking as pristine as it did going in. One of the easiest ways to bring life back into your hat is to hang it on a hook in the bathroom and get a hot, steamy shower started. The steam will loosen the fibers to help the hat naturally re-take it's  original shape. Likewise you can use a steaming kettle to work any wrinkles out of your hat band with your hands. Even the help of an iron on a low setting, will release any wrinkles that have accumulated during transit. 

A fine hat is an 'investment' and at BeauChapeau we want to keep you hatted on your holiday by helping you protect your 'investment'.

Don't assume that a crushed hat means it's time for a new hat, often with a little TLC you can bring it back to it's original shape.  If you get stuck, please give us a call.  Our Toll Free number        1-877-YOUR HAT(968-7428), will reach us from anywhere in Continental North America and even from your lounge chair in the Caribbean!



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