Please Help The Hat Makers In Nepal

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BeauChapeau Hat Shop prides itself on carrying numerous Fair Trade products, many of which are made by hand in Nepal.  As you are probably aware, Nepal has had a series of severe earthquakes over the past few weeks which has had a devastating effect on the country and it's people. 

Many of our Fair Trade wool products are hand knit by women villagers near Kathmandu Valley.  Most of the homes of these knitters have been partially or completely destroyed and a good percentage of them are now homeless. It will take  months before the lives of these people start returning to normal. Local government and the international community are helping to restore their livelihood, but they need your help.

Please join with us,  by making a donation through World Vision Canada, to help the Nepalese people rebuild their lives. Right now, until May 25th, the Canadian Government will match your donation dollar for dollar.

Please go to : World Vision Canada  to make a tangible difference in the lives of our Nepalese friends today.

Click here to see a video of the Nepalese hat makers for Ambler Hats in The Himalayan Story 



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