Alma Imports

An established Canadian company for over 20 years. A
North American distributor of hand knitted New Zealand & British wool
Along with the large assortment of tuques that have made Alma's reputation,
they distribute many varieties of hand knitted items including scarves and mittens.
All Items are designed in Canada and hand knitted under Fair Trade
conditions by the master weavers of Nepal.
Alma Import prides itself in its strict ethical working conduct both with its
clients and suppliers. All products are hand knitted in Nepal contributing to the region’s economy by creating much needed employment.
Insisting that all of it's suppliers and trading partners guarantee that no
abusive conditions exist in their work place and that they apply the highest
employment standards.
For over 20 years, Alma Imports are proud to be a Fair Trade partner with our suppliers
in Nepal.


Alma uses only 100% A- grade New Zealand & British sheep wool. Lined
products use an anti-pilling fleece for added warmth & comfort. Lanolin oil is
used to repel water & stains. Sub materials are carefully selected for strength
and durability.

Hobnail Knit Mittens
Hobnail Knit Mittens


$36.75 $49.00

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